Meet Geraldine Amis of DERMOTECHNOLOGY

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Hi Geraldine, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today.

I started as an aesthetician in 1988 after my two-year college graduation in Paris, and very quickly, after a few years, I felt that I was missing the scientific side of it. I loved to practice doing hand massages, but with my background working with my father at his perfume and cosmetic factory for all my summer vacations, it wasn’t enough!

I was attracted to the skin devices and technologies and how the skin reacts to technical stimulations. I wanted more about the skin results and how we can improve faster than with hand results. I started to experience the position of head beauty therapist and then spa manager with Steiner, working on cruise ships in the early nighties for five five-year contracts. And then, back to France in an emergency from the USA 1998 for a severe health disease, legionellosis. It took me two years to recover from this health issue, leaving me with lung damage for life.

I searched for an international position to travel, and after three months of the interview with LPG System (The Endermologie), I’ve been chosen between 1000 resumes to create the LPG new protocols for face and body for the new machines at the time of the Cell M6 and the Lift 6!

It was terrific because I discovered that I was hired because of my natural ability to analyze and discern the technology working on the skin and how to improve it to create the best results. I worked with the engineers, the clinical department doing clinical research, the marketing department for the branding, and the sales department to give the sales what was marking the difference with the other technologies on the market. I realized this was my passion, and working on machine protocols was precisely what I was made for in the beauty and medical fields. I never stopped working for notorious French companies as a product developer, making device protocols, improving the machines, and looking to train the trainers and the sales persons to prove the best of it.

After starting cancer in June 2006 to heal myself and take a break, I finally returned to the beauty field in June 2007 with a position as a sales representative. This was the first time I was learning how to sell, and I was in the most prominent company selling all types of technology, such as pulsated light, LED, RF, Cocoon, Cavitation, UV beds, dermabrasion, and Laser…I was over-stressed after seven years of driving more than 60000 miles a year, raising my son alone. I had a significant breakdown and faced a deep depression.

I woke up one morning, my face all puffy and saggy, my eyes so marked and tired; in one month of depression, my skin was loose; I was entering following the mental shocks in pre-menopause. I acknowledged that my body couldn’t fight this sudden aging process, and I started wondering what I could do other than taking vitamins and applying creams to my neck and face to fight aging efficiently. I had no sort of energy; my body was so down!

I met Laurent, my husband, at the last tradeshow in Paris with this company in March 2011 before we decided to quilt our respective jobs to make our skin concept.

I could not walk some days impacted by the fibromyalgia; the stress was probably making it worse, and my muscles were so stiff that the pain was almost unbearable.

I couldn’t put my socks and shoes on. 6 months later; we received the prototype of our first device, the ElectroLift, and then the New digital version in 2018-2020 with the Patented Silver mask named the DERMOTECHNOLOGY Concept.

I couldn’t believe what I felt after one test session and how my skin looked the following day of the treatment of 20 min! After my six sessions of therapy for 20 min, I understood how these frequencies were awakening and energizing my skin; it was just marvelous and unreal at the same time. I started pushing myself to go to the gym and began Yoga despite the muscle pain. And the more I routinely did it, the more I regained flexibility and energy!

I realized again that my health and body could be reshaped with more physical activity and the best diet. I was convinced I had to apply the same philosophy and understanding to my skin; my skin needed to be modeled, touched, and deeply nourished from within with the best natural active nutrients, and I was that the truth was working out my skin as I worked out my body to look younger! The external stimulation is as essential as internal signals; the micro-currents bring energy to our skin cells, and the frequency vibrations tone our body, neck, and facial muscles. How can you fight the gravity attraction without working out your strengths?

There is no way that your body can be appropriately reshaped without physical activity, so it is the same for your neck and face muscles. DERMOTECHNOLOGY is the natural alternative to injectables or its best friend because it does what injectables cannot do. It feeds your skin from within, improving your skin texture tone, lifting contour with no downtime and no harmful side effects, working naturally in harmony with your body energy, not calling your immune system, a positive way of looking at a progressive rejuvenation with relaxation. This is now 11 years since the DERMOTECHNOLOGY Concept was born, as I was looking for a natural solution to solve the roots of the problem of all skin concerns for all skin types.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
It is not a smooth road because you are always looking for the best and perfection. You are very demanding of yourself and want to offer the best to your clientele who trust you. So, you imagine, innovate, create, and teach to share your vision and new skin philosophy.

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on luck and what role, if any, you feel it’s played for you.
I don’t believe in luck, hard work, and chasing your dream with faith and conviction.


  • $150 Skin Essential
  • $190 Skin Calm Purifying
  • $190 Hyperpigmentation
  • $220 Instant FaceLift
  • $350 Skin 0 Gravity
Theo AmmouialMeet Geraldine Amis of DERMOTECHNOLOGY
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Meet GERALDINE AMIS | CEO Founder & Master Aesthetician instructor

Shoutout Miami Link : Meet GERALDINE AMIS | CEO Founder & Master Aesthetician instructor

Hi GERALDINE, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
I wanted to create a new technology to offer a natural solution with technology for people looking to reduce injections or an alternative to botox for a Non-invasive face lift.

In short, Something natural, Efficient and Relaxing, something with a clinical approach with a Holistic protocol. I wanted to bring to the market a new experience offering instant, progressive and cumulative results for a long term skin rejuvenation.

Geraldine Amis

What should our readers know about your business?

Firstly, I really think that what sets me apart from others is the skin philosophy and the creativity with the knowledge and the experience I acquired for 35 years in the beauty field.

Started as an aesthetician in 1988 and I already had this curiosity to look for more and was very attracted by the technology and the new techniques.

I love advanced protocols and want to understand how it works and why it works and how I can improve it. Always this passion of the skin pushes me higher.

After being a worldwide instructor and then a product developer and finally a top seller of many different technologies. I realized that the secret of rejuvenation resides in awakening the cells from the inside with a natural stimulation. Using energy and some natural bio-actives for the best skin nutrition.

However I started to imagine in 2011 the technology from the future, the Skin workouts DERMOTECHNOLOGY Concept, simple and logical in analogy with our body knowing that we never stimulate enough our face and neck muscles.

I’m not for the injectables because I rather prefer long term results than quick fix, and I’m looking to treat the skin in 4D. In and out, taking care of the skin texture, the glow, the tone.

In other words, I love as a skin artist to work on the skin looking to fix the imperfections for natural, 100%safe and long lasting results. My technique is based on boosting your own cells to potentially provide what your body can on its own.

Theo AmmouialMeet GERALDINE AMIS | CEO
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CBS News Miami

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Instagram link : CBS News Miami

We are delighted to have presented the DERMOTECHNOLOGY concept to you on CBS Miami News!🤩 @cbsmiami

DERMOTECHNOLOGY SKIN WORKOUT – An Innovative Technology – The Synergy of the Electroporation Method with 7 Micro-current frequencies

We will also be present this Saturday May 20, @10AM EST on WBFS Ch.33
Thank you for trusting in our Skin Philosophy! 🤗

Theo AmmouialCBS News Miami
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Destination Chanel Miami

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Instagram link : Destination Chanel Miami

We are very excited to announce DERMOTECHNOLOGY on Destination Miami this Saturday, May 13th, 2023 @ 12:30 pm EST on WFOR Ch. 4 (CBS-Miami) for the fourth episode of Destination Miami – Season 1.🏝️

Thank you so much to Destination Miami and CBS Channel @cbsmiami to highlight DERMOTECHNOLOGY story, it was an amazing day and a real pleasure to share with you my skin philosophy with our skin workouts and Patented Technology!. Meet you all soon guys 🤩📺

Theo AmmouialDestination Chanel Miami
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Skin Workout Dermotechnology

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Connect Your Skin est un training électrique pour le corps et le visage dont JLo et Kate Hudson sont fans.


Une machine, connectée à des patchs et à des rouleaux disposés surla zone à traiter, combine électrostimulation et électroporation.

Autrement dit, sept micro-courants permettent d’atteindre les cellules profondes de l’épiderme cette technologie a recu un prix Nobel en 2003.

Theo AmmouialSkin Workout Dermotechnology
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Dermotechnology Anti-Age

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DermotechnologyCréateur de jeunesse!

Notre ligne de soins cosmétiques Anti-âge est remplie d’antioxydants scientifiquement prouvés. Acides aminés, acide Hyaluronique végétale, peptides et actifs naturels essentiels pour votre peau.

Notre philosophie est de défier le temps et l’âge ave des produits de soins de pointe pour améliorer l’éclat, la texture, le teint, pour finalement paraître plus jeune.

Theo AmmouialDermotechnology Anti-Age
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Dermotechnology L’alternative naturelle

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La solution bio-active Non-invasive

“Repulpe, Remodèle, Restructure, Raffermit, Rajeunit.”

Une machine, connectée à des patchs et à des rouleaux disposés surla zone à traiter, combine électrostimulation et électroporation. Autrement dit, sept micro-courants permettent d’atteindre les cellules profondes de l’épiderme cette technologie a recu un prix Nobel en 2003].


Theo AmmouialDermotechnology L’alternative naturelle
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Dermotechnology Anti-Cellulite

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Dermotechnology Anti-Cellulite réduit les capitons,en réhydratant et lissant votre peau, notre crème intègre deux principes actifs reconnus: le Quinoa qui cible l’enzyme MMP9, naturellement produite par l’organisme, empêchant ainsi la tendance des cellules adipeuses des zones atteintes par la cellulite à stocker des acides gras.

L’extrait de Quinoa agit en quelques sortes comme un « coupe-faim » pour les cellules graisseuses et supprime leur « appétit »

pour les acides gras, les empêchant ainsi de gonfler. L’acide hyluronique pour réhydrater et restructurer votre peau.

Theo AmmouialDermotechnology Anti-Cellulite
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Dermotechnology à Monaco

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Thermes & Spas médicalisés Medical spas & thermal bathsDermotechnology, l’alternative à l’injection.

La biotechnologie de Dermotechnology, procédure anti-âge non-invasive, est une alternative parfaite à l’injection ou son meilleur complément. Sans aiguille, agit au cœur du derme ou de l’hypoderme par électroporation.

Cette biotechnologie scientifiquement prouvée par le prix Nobel de chimie en 2003 aux USA, agit au niveau du visage et du corps grâce à des sérums organiques et leurs bio-actifs naturels ( Acide hyaluronique, collagène marin, vitamines, plantes).

Elle active la régénération cellulaire, lutte contre les effets du vieillissement et apporte des résultats anti-âge. Visible dès la première séance.

Theo AmmouialDermotechnology à Monaco
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Dermotechnology Reward

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Dermotechnology Reward


An Innovative Technology – The Synergy of the Electroporation

Method with 7 Micro-current frequencies

DERMOTECHNOLOGY® is a French skin concept born in 2012 on the French Riviera. Now available in the United States.

Theo AmmouialDermotechnology Reward
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