Meet Geraldine Peri Amis

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Meet Geraldine Peri Amis

We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Geraldine Peri Amis. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Geraldine below.

Geraldine, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us today What’s the backstory behind how you came up with the idea for your business?

As someone who has always prioritized health and fitness, I was puzzled when I started noticing unexpected changes in my skin after turning 45. Despite a rigorous workout regime and a meticulously balanced diet that kept my body in peak condition, my skin seemed on a different trajectory. This discrepancy led me to a realization: what if the principles of fitness and nutrition that applied so well to my body could also be the key to revitalizing my skin?

Like our body, our skin requires more than surface-level care. Traditional skincare routines focus heavily on topical treatments—creams, serums, and masks. While these are essential, they often overlook a critical component of skin health: the underlying muscle tone, especially around the face and neck. This realization sparked a question: Why isn’t a more holistic approach to skincare that mirrors the comprehensive strategies we apply to body fitness?

Inspired by this question, I embarked on a journey to create a groundbreaking solution. Imagine a technology specifically designed to work the muscles of your face and neck, akin to a targeted workout tailored to your skin’s unique needs. But the innovation doesn’t stop with muscle toning. This technology is seamlessly integrated with a delivery system for nourishing the skin with natural bioactive compounds—compounds derived from nature and known for their potent skincare benefits.

This dual-action system offers a holistic approach to skincare that is more than skin deep. By actively engaging and strengthening the facial and neck muscles while nourishing the skin with the purest natural ingredients, we’re not just treating the skin’s surface but transforming it from within.

The philosophy behind this technology is simple yet profound: comprehensive care for lasting health and vitality. Just as a balanced diet and regular exercise are pillars of physical wellness, our skin deserves a regimen that addresses its visible surface and foundational structure. This innovative approach promises to rejuvenate the skin and redefine skincare.

As we prepare to introduce this technology to the world, we stand at the threshold of a new era in skincare—one where beauty and health are not just seen but deeply felt. Stay tuned for a skincare revolution that honors your skin’s complexity and resilience at 45 and beyond.

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Awesome – so before we get into the rest of our questions, can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers.

From the tender age of 22, freshly inspired by two years of intensive college study, I embarked on a path that would define my career and fulfill a deep-seated passion for skincare and cosmetic technology. This was not a path chosen on a whim; it was a destiny written in the scents and formulas of my childhood. Born into a world perfumed with the essence of innovation, I grew up alongside my father, a renowned ‘nez’ (nose), chemist, and physician, in the fragrant fields of Grasse, the heart of France’s perfume industry. My summers were spent weighing formulas and assisting in his factory, where the alchemy of scent and science intertwined.

My father’s legacy provided a foundation in cosmetics science and the artistry of creating something genuinely transformative. This dual influence nurtured a profound understanding of the potential within skin technology and cosmetics. My journey was further enriched through the development of specialized treatments and technologies for renowned brands. I honed my skills, developing protocols that would be used worldwide, and trained distributors across the globe, sharing my knowledge and passion for skincare.

However, the more I immersed myself in the world of skincare technology, the more I felt a pull towards something greater—a desire to merge my inherited passion for the science of beauty with my vision and philosophy. The culmination of years of experience, a deep understanding of skincare’s potential, and a desire to innovate led me to a pivotal decision: to create my own technology and skin philosophy.

This decision was not just about launching a product; it was about challenging the status quo of the skincare industry. With a rich heritage in the science and art of cosmetics, combined with decades of hands-on experience and innovation, I was uniquely positioned to bring a new perspective to skincare—one that honors the legacy of my past while boldly stepping into the future.

My philosophy is simple: skincare should be as much about the skin’s underlying health and vitality as it is about its outward appearance. It’s about creating a harmony between science and nature, leveraging the latest skincare technology while drawing on the pure, transformative power of natural bioactives. This holistic approach is not just about treating the skin but nurturing it, providing a foundation for beauty that is as enduring as it is radiant.

As I stand on the threshold of this new chapter, I am driven by a commitment to innovation, quality, and the transformative power of beauty. My journey from a curious child in Grasse to a pioneer in skincare technology has been one of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With this foundation, I invite you to join me in redefining skincare for the modern era. In 2012, nestled within the vibrant heart of France’s rich beauty heritage, Dermotechnology was born—a reflection of a lifelong passion and a deep-seated desire to redefine skincare. My journey, rooted in the legacy of perfumery and cosmetics passed down from my father, a distinguished ‘nez’ in Grasse, had led me to this moment: creating a company that would embody my vision for an innovative approach to skin wellness.

Recognizing the need for a more holistic and personalized skincare regime, we embarked on a mission to transform how people approach skin health. Our philosophy was clear from the start: to go beyond the surface, treating the skin as a dynamic ecosystem that requires care, nurturing, and training to reveal its full potential.

By 2018, this mission had propelled us across the Atlantic to Miami, USA, where Dermotechnology flourished. Here, amidst Florida’s sun-drenched vitality, we found a new home and an eager audience eager to embrace our unique approach to skincare.

A Personalized Approach to Skin Health

At Dermotechnology, we understand that every skin is unique. This understanding is at the core of our services, encompassing face, scalp, and body treatments tailored to our clients’ diverse needs and concerns. From the bustling streets of Paris to the vibrant shores of Miami, our treatments have redefined expectations, offering personalized solutions as unique as the individuals we serve.

Our methodology is similar to that of a skin coach: each session is designed to treat, educate, and empower. We train your skin and its underlying muscles to lift, tone, and contour through a meticulously personalized regimen. This approach ensures that each treatment is a momentary indulgence and a step towards sustained skin health and vitality.

Instant, Natural, and Lasting Results

The hallmark of Dermotechnology lies in the results—immediate, natural, progressive, and enduring. We leverage the latest in dermatological technology and natural bio-actives to achieve outcomes that speak for themselves. Our clients witness a transformation that begins from the first session and continues to evolve, mirroring the natural aging process but on our terms.

This commitment to lasting beauty and wellness has set Dermotechnology apart in the skincare industry. We don’t just offer treatments; we offer a journey towards lasting skin health that is as rewarding as it is transformative.

Looking Forward: The Future of Skincare

As we continue to grow and innovate, Dermotechnology’s essence remains unchanged: to offer cutting-edge, personalized skincare solutions that honor each client’s individuality. Our journey from France to Miami is just the beginning. We continually innovate new treatments with our philosophy to bring our clients the best in skin health.

In a world where skincare often follows a one-size-fits-all approach, Dermotechnology stands as a beacon of personalization and innovation. Join us on this journey and experience the difference of a skincare regimen that genuinely understands and nurtures your skin’s unique beauty and potential.
A CEO with a Mission

I work directly with clients daily, applying our proprietary technology and treatments firsthand. This unique approach is not just about staying connected to the roots of my passion; it’s about proving the effectiveness of our methods beyond a shadow of a doubt. In an industry where claims are often met with skepticism, I’ve chosen to lead by example, demonstrating the transformative power of our technology on real clients in real-time.

This hands-on leadership style is a cornerstone of our brand’s identity and success. It allows me to provide our professional partners—those who purchase our technology for their practices—with not just a product but a promise: a promise that the results they see on our social media, the transformations I personally achieve with clients, are not only possible but repeatable.

Transparency and Trust in Every Post

In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful storytelling and brand-building tool. For Dermotechnology, it’s a platform for transparency. Each post, each before-and-after image, is a testament to our technology’s efficacy. These are not just photographs; they are proof points, evidence of what is achievable with dedication, expertise, and the right technology.

This commitment to showcasing real results has cultivated a culture of trust around our brand. Our professional partners and their clients know that the transformations we share are not just attainable; they are replicable. This authenticity sets Dermotechnology apart, ensuring that our voice is not just heard but believed.

Beyond Results: Building a Community of Confidence

Leading Dermotechnology is not just about selling a product; it’s about inspiring a movement towards more honest, result-driven skincare. By sharing our successes and the positive impacts of our technology, we’re validating our approach and empowering others to expect more from their skincare solutions.

Our mission remains unchanged as we look to the future: to continue innovating, proving, and sharing our journey with the world. Dermotechnology is more than a brand; it’s a beacon for all seeking authenticity and tangible skincare results.

In a world of endless claims and promises, Dermotechnology is a testament to what is truly possible when passion meets innovation. As CEO, I remain committed to leading this charge, one client, one transformation at a time.Microcurrent-dermotechnology- silver-gloves-facials

We’d love to hear a story of resilience from your journey.

A Journey of Resilience: Planting Dermotechnology’s Roots in Florida

In January 2018, my journey took a daring turn as I landed in Florida with a vision about to be tested against the backdrop of a new country, a new market, and the challenges of starting from scratch. The office I rented was a stark space—no furniture, no clients, just me and my determination. My son, a college student then, was my only companion in this venture. The language barrier added to the sense of isolation, but surrender was not an option. I remember thinking, “This is it; I must make it now. I’m here.”

Those early days were filled with solitude that tests one’s resolve. But within that solitude, there was also clarity and a burning drive. I wasn’t just trying to transplant Dermotechnology to a new soil; I was nurturing it, giving it roots in a place far from its birthplace. Visiting spas, driving mile after mile, sending countless emails, and stepping into the world of trade shows became my routine. Each action, no matter how small, was a step towards realization.

The path was anything but easy. There were moments of doubt, hurdles that seemed too high to overcome, and the ever-present question, “Can I do this?” Yet, it was never about the possibility of failure; it was about the journey, the relentless pursuit of a dream that refused to be ignored.

This period of my life was a testament to the fact that with passion, hard work, and professionalism, barriers can be transformed into milestones. Dermotechnology’s growth in Florida wasn’t just about building a client base or establishing a brand; it was about laying the foundation of trust, excellence, and innovation in a new home.

From Solitude to Success: A Story of Growth

Today, when I look back at those initial days, what stands out is not the solitude or the challenges but the incredible growth journey. From an empty office with no clients to a brand that now resonates with professionals and clients across Florida, Dermotechnology’s journey is a narrative of overcoming, of turning every ‘no’ into a stepping stone for a ‘yes.’

This story is not just mine; it’s a beacon for anyone who stands at the precipice of their own “Florida”—a dream that seems too distant, a goal that feels too challenging. It reminds us that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and sometimes, that step is taken in an empty office with nothing but a vision to guide the way.

Dermotechnology’s success in Florida is a tribute to the power of belief, the courage to embark on the unknown, and the unwavering faith in the journey itself. It’s a testament to the idea that any challenge can be transformed into a triumph with passion, hard work, and a relentless commitment to excellence.

As I continue to lead Dermotechnology, I carry the lessons of those early days—a reminder that resilience, belief, and hard work are the cornerstones of any success story. And as we look to the future, we do so with the knowledge that our roots, though once new and fragile in Florida’s soil, are now deep and enduring, supporting a brand that continues to grow, innovate, and inspire.

What’s worked well for you in terms of a source for new clients?

Connecting Through Transformation: Dermotechnology on Instagram

In the digital age, where every brand story is told in pictures and videos, Instagram has become more than just a social platform; it’s a canvas for authenticity. For Dermotechnology, Instagram is the heart of our client engagement strategy—a place where we do more than just share our story; we show real, tangible transformations that speak directly to the efficacy of our treatments.

A Window to Real Results

Every post, story, and video on our Instagram is a testament to the possibilities of Dermotechnology treatments. From striking before-and-after photos to insightful treatment videos, our content is curated to offer a transparent view of what we do and how we excel. This honesty is our hallmark; we believe in showing the actual outcomes of our treatments, untouched and unfiltered.

Our followers see the immediate and progressive results of our face, scalp, and body treatments. These visual narratives demonstrate our technological prowess and build a foundation of trust. Prospective clients don’t just see us as another skincare brand; they recognize us as a source of genuine transformation and innovation.

Engagement Beyond Before-and-Afters

While before-and-after photos are compelling, our engagement doesn’t stop there. We share stories of our journey, educational content about our treatments, and live Q&A sessions to connect with our audience on a deeper level. This interactive approach helps demystify skincare technologies and treatments, making professional skincare approachable and understandable.

Our Instagram also serves as a platform for client testimonials and reviews, offering insights into the personal experiences of those who have undergone our treatments. These stories add layers to our narrative, showcasing the physical transformation and the confidence and joy that comes with it.

A Community of Skincare Enthusiasts

Beyond showcasing results, our Instagram has cultivated a vibrant community of skincare enthusiasts, clients, and professionals. This community is a space for dialogue, learning, and sharing experiences—a testament to the power of visual storytelling in building connections.

The Promise of Dermotechnology

As we continue sharing our journey on Instagram, we promise to remain true to our transparency, education, and innovation ethos. Our feed is more than just a portfolio; it reflects our commitment to transforming skincare through technology, expertise, and genuine results.

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