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Meet GERALDINE AMIS | CEO Founder & Master Aesthetician instructor

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Hi GERALDINE, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
I wanted to create a new technology to offer a natural solution with technology for people looking to reduce injections or an alternative to botox for a Non-invasive face lift.

In short, Something natural, Efficient and Relaxing, something with a clinical approach with a Holistic protocol. I wanted to bring to the market a new experience offering instant, progressive and cumulative results for a long term skin rejuvenation.

Geraldine Amis

What should our readers know about your business?

Firstly, I really think that what sets me apart from others is the skin philosophy and the creativity with the knowledge and the experience I acquired for 35 years in the beauty field.

Started as an aesthetician in 1988 and I already had this curiosity to look for more and was very attracted by the technology and the new techniques.

I love advanced protocols and want to understand how it works and why it works and how I can improve it. Always this passion of the skin pushes me higher.

After being a worldwide instructor and then a product developer and finally a top seller of many different technologies. I realized that the secret of rejuvenation resides in awakening the cells from the inside with a natural stimulation. Using energy and some natural bio-actives for the best skin nutrition.

However I started to imagine in 2011 the technology from the future, the Skin workouts DERMOTECHNOLOGY Concept, simple and logical in analogy with our body knowing that we never stimulate enough our face and neck muscles.

I’m not for the injectables because I rather prefer long term results than quick fix, and I’m looking to treat the skin in 4D. In and out, taking care of the skin texture, the glow, the tone.

In other words, I love as a skin artist to work on the skin looking to fix the imperfections for natural, 100%safe and long lasting results. My technique is based on boosting your own cells to potentially provide what your body can on its own.

Theo AmmouialMeet GERALDINE AMIS | CEO