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Many people regularly practice a sport to maintain their physical condition and their silhouette. And how many people think of doing exercises to maintain their face? However, “Face Gym” has become a very popular technique to fight the signs of aging.


Over time, the muscles of our face relax, our features are loosened, wrinkles appear … To remedy to this, more and more people resort to Face Gym, also known as Face Yoga.

This method consists of stimulating and toning the muscles of the face, in a natural way; thanks to targeted exercises and massages. It also improves the blood microcirculation of the face and neck; boosts the production of collagen and elastin.

In January 2018, Murad Alam (Doctor in the Department of Dermatology, Feinberg School of Medicine) published a research on Face Gym. The results obtained clearly show the effectiveness of this technique!

Silver Conductive Gloves - Gants Conduteurs Argent - Dermotechnology treatment


With its Silver conductive Gloves, DERMOTECHNOLOGY offers personalized Face Gym treatments. The actions performed are adapted to the morphology and the problems encountered by the clients.

To meet the needs of each individual, DERMOTECHNOLOGY has developed two protocols. The first is based on a technique of effleurage and smoothing. It acts mainly on the relaxation of expression lines. As for the second, it is energizing and invigorating. Thanks to its pressure points and dynamic movement, it acts mainly on the contour of the face, against the effects of gravity.

DERMOTECHNOLOGY gloves are made from silver threads which makes them very conductive. Their use increases the benefits of Face Gym thanks to the microcurrent wave; so you can see results from your first session!

In addition, the gloves are stretchable to fit almost all hand sizes; this allows for the person who is using them to be comfortable during the treatment.



Face Gym is for everyone! We advise you to start young to delay to the maximum signs of old age.

Face Gym also has positive effects on faces already marked by time. So if this is your case, no worries, you will get satisfactory results.

We strongly recommend Face Gym to people who have used botox. Indeed, one of the effects of botox is to block the action of the nerves responsible for muscle activity. As a result, the muscles are not as tight as before. Our concept with the Skin Workout is an effective way to restore flexibility to the face to make it more natural.


Whatever your age, Facial Gymnastics will have benefits for you! So, when do you start?

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