Beauty Corner Pop Up

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Beauty Corner Pop Up DERMOTECHNOLOGY –

The DERMOTECHNOLOGY Pop Up replaces the massage booth for beauticians. The Beauty Corner Pop Up is foldable and takes up very little space. It is ideal for facials, body treatments and massages.

Our special DERMOTECHNOLOGY Pop Up cabin shape a bubble and is perfect for placing a bed or a massage table, as well as for adding an acrylic cart to place a massage table.

The Dermotechnology Pop Up cover is made of cotton fibers and is cold washable. The canvas is threaded on metal bars rounded and unfoldable. For example, the concept of the Pop Up Dermotechnology is ideal for trade shows, very easy and quick to install.

The fabric of the cover is very strong and thick, it is possible to customize it to your spa or spa company.

Moreover, the beginning of the Dermotechnology treatments starts with the disinfection of the cabin with the Air Defense, which leaves the cabin with a fresh botanical air.

In addition, the Dermotechnology accessories available in the pop up :


The size is : 10×10 Feet