ACRYLIC Cart 5 Drawers


ACRYLIC Cart 5 Drawers

A 5-drawer acrylic cart is a type of storage unit made of clear acrylic with five drawers for storing various items. The cart is mounted on casters, making it easy to move around and access the items in the drawers.

These carts are commonly used in a variety of environments such as beauty salons, hospitals, laboratories and even in the home. They are an ideal storage solution for small items such as makeup, office supplies, crafts and medical supplies.

The acrylic material is sturdy and durable, and makes it easy to see the contents of each drawer. Plus, the cart’s clear design makes it a stylish and modern addition to any space.

When purchasing a 5-drawer acrylic cart, it’s important to consider factors such as :

  • the size of the drawers,
  • the load capacity of the cart,
  • and the overall dimensions of the unit to ensure that it fits the intended space.

In short, for spa treatments, this acrylic cart is ideal for the way it works, it is very easy to access the cosmetics are stored and gives an aesthetic display.

The acrylic cardboard combines very well with the Dermotechnology Portable Welness Lounge bed

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