Electrolift, the non invasive solution for a natural Facelift, the alternative to Derma Fillers and the best natural alternative to preserver your youth and Beauty

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The product penetrates skin as far as dermis and hypodermis rejuvinating skin cells. The skin regains its firmness, silkiness, fineness and radiance. It restructures skin tissues, revitalizes, repairs, refines facial features and boosts body tonicity. The combination of Electrolift biotechnology and organics serums will be the driving force behind your youth. Your youth Booster !

Electrolift® the injection alternative, For a pain-free, and non-invasive face-lift This exclusive biotechnology called Electrolift emerged from an innovative concept that fights skin ageing. It uses the electroporation method which is based on biotechnology that has been scientifically proven by the2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry called Electroporation, in USA. Electroporation is a technique which creates skin and cells electropermeabilization, it means active ingredients can be carried to the heart of the cell with an optimal penetration.

All Electrolift® FACE & BODY SERUMS ARE ORGANIC, Paraben FREE,artificial flagrance FREE,Colouring FREE,Mineral oil FREE,ethanol (alcohol)FREE, animal ingredient FREE, Preservative and additive FREE. The Electrolift® addresses various concerns within the dermis or hypodermis itself with targeted 7 face and body anti-aging programs.